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to the need for more science, technology, engineering, and math education in the country. >> the challenge is issued every year to students and teachers. they're going after recognition and prizes like computer equipment. >> today, you know, you're still working on your game. you have, essentially, until thursday. >> for some students, the competition is an eye-opening experience. >> before this challenge, i didn't really like math or science. i thought they were kind of boring. >> once you get kids involved in creating games, they are learning s.t.e.m., but they're also learning a lot of other 21st-century skills, like leadership and teamwork, and they're getting critical thinking and all these other things that come along with it in that package. >> it's a team effort. students start by brainstorming concepts that would make a good game. >> and part of the process is that they have to come up with a design document first, where they basically map out the whole idea for the game and they have to come up with a story line and all that. >> these kids are learning basic engineering. every st
for her with a little help from technology. so how did you find one for her? >> well, i went around, looked at different colors that she requested, and then i took pictures, i sent them to her, and she replied. >> the reactions i see from the students is excitement. they're ready for their night, they're so excited that their dress fits, and it's just so nice to see them happy and that they just can't wait for their night. >> operation prom isn't just about dresses. >> it's not just for girls. we have partnerships with some tuxedo companies that will help us give tuxedos to boys going to proms, as well. >> in addition to the outfits, there's also tons of accessories. how does someone apply for clothing, and how do they prove they need the help? >> well, the student does have to fill out an application, and they need to see their guidance counselor or social worker, who will approve them for the program. they do need to be in financial need, and they have to be passing all of their classes. >> started in new york, operation prom is expanding to states across the country. in addition,
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've got new technology. we've got greater access to additional trucks. i think we've got the most modern equipment that we possibly can. >> about 700 snowplow drivers drove their routes. administrators, supervisors, logistical team members practiced their roles. >>> life is back to normal along wisconsin avenue in bethesda tonight, but this morning a different story. a water main undergoing repairs began leaking massive amounts of water flooding out the building's parking garage submerging cars in water. fox 5's bob barnard shows us. >> reporter: this is what it looked like down there in the parking garage around 10:00 this morning. they're taking pictures of the five cars nearly submerged in muddy waters. this is a mercedes, parked behind it another car likely totaled. >> oh, it's horrible. i mean it's like sandy only it was created by an error i'll say. >> reporter: diane wax's car is safe, not one of these thanks to a heads up neighbor. >> one of my friends in the building called me about 7:00 to tell me that the garage was flooding and that i needed to move my car up. >> reporter:
the city is more ready than ever. >> we have 45 new trucks. we have new technology, greater access to additional trucks. i think we have got the most modern equipment we can. >> reporter: about 700 snow plow drivers drove their routes today. administrators, supervisors and logistical team members practiced their roles as well. >>> i'll tell you what. this morning, i woke up and opened my eyes and felt sun-- saw sunshine. i was excited to see it this morning. >> you would have seen goose bumps on your arms if you stepped outside. it was cold today, wasn't it? >> we continue with the big trough of low pressure and this is left over from sandy and there is a traffic jam in the atmosphere and has not been able to get out of here quickly. you think it freaks the folks out? and this is that big setup. we have a storm next week, a nor'easter. if we get it and it hugs the coast, it doesn't look like we're going get snow at it. just out of it to calm the fears out there. there are a few showers in this flow, too, and most has stayed to the north of us. we'll zoom in tighter and i want to sh
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5